Oracle APEX export command line options

pic You can export application from APEX App builder using different methods like native Application Builder Export / Import functionality or APEXexport utility.

APEXexport utility

Take a look into utilities folder from apex installation archive and grab APEXExport.class and APEXExportSplitter.class files out of it. Oracle JDBC driver would be also required. Search for a file ojdbc7.jar or similar. Put them to a folder (APEXutils in my example) keeping in mind that APEXExport.class and APEXExportSplitter.class files must be placed into oracle\apex subfolder , e.g.:


Now you can run export utility form that folder or better to add it to environment variable CLASSPATH:

export CLASSPATH=.:~/APEXutils/oracle/ojdbc7.jar:~/APEXutils

And now you can run the utility:

java oracle.apex.APEXExport \
         -db $database_ip:$port:$sid \
         -user $apex_developer \
         -password $secret \
         -applicationid $AppId \


  • $database_ip — database server IP or hostname
  • $port — database port, 1521 by default
  • $sid — Your database SID
  • $apex_developer — oracle username
  • $secret — password
  • $AppId - your application ID

This creates f{$AppId}.sql file in the current directory.

Next step could be to split it by application components using the following command:

java oracle.apex.APEXExportSplitter f{$AppId}.sql

This creates a directory f{$AppId} with number of sql files - separate file for every component. It looks quite interesting to keep the application export in a source code repository.

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